Weekly #49

2022/02/20 08:41

Never, Ever, Ever Use Pixelation for Redacting Text


A Guide to Designing Effective NFT Launches

Paradigm 教你如何发行 NFT。

Building an adaptive favicon

svg 格式的 favicon 可以支持黑暗模式。


LibreOffice running natively in the browser via WebAssembly https://lab.allotropia.de/wasm/

LibreOffice 是用 QT 写的,QT 现在有了 wasm 版本

A product manager’s guide to web3

Web3 PMs are responsible for the success of communities rather than increasing acquisition, engagement, or revenue.


For the past two weeks, I've been targeted in an extremely thorough social engineering scam that nearly cost me all of my ETH. I'm super lucky to have made it through unscathed. Here's the story 👇

谨防 Web3 诈骗。


以太坊 P2P 节点列表。可以将此网页中的节点添加至 geth 客户端的 static-nodes.json 文件中,即可加速节点同步。